I have learned:  so much more about myself, how to be a teacher, yoga is not just about muscling thru a pose but the feeling that comes with it, how to appreciate a meditation practice, that it is okay to open my Heart, it is okay to cry, how to keep a student safe and how to keep myself safe, the amazingness of the cocoon of white light, that I can stand in front of a class and USE MY VOICE!  

Dot Zullo,  200-hour Graduate

“My work life has changed dramatically for the better. I use the meditation techniques I have learned to find peace at work to calm the chaos that work creates in my mind. I also look at people in a  different light, as more shining souls to know and love.”

Kathy Cronin, 200-hour Graduate


“I liked the unity of the group.  I feel that my fellow teacher trainees and I are a family. It has been incredible and life changing to grow and change together. The other thing that I like best is the format. The spiral really worked for my learning.  Jude wonderfully and seamlessly shifted the topics leaving no questions unanswered. Having anatomy lessons sprinkled in as we learned about the asanas made the information really stick. In this training, I also love how supported and encouraged I felt by Jude and Jessie the entire time.  They both expressed genuine love and kindness, while maintaining professionalism and integrity.  

Meredith Jenckes, 200-hour Graduate


“This training with Jude has deepened every aspect of my life - mental, emotional, spiritual and  physical. More specifically I am taking more time to go inside to my heart center becoming more aware of the choices I make daily and being more confident about myself and my journey on this planet” 

Pam Pomeroy, 200-hour Graduate