Practical Suggestions 

to receive the maximum benefits  from practicing yoga at my studio


  1. Please register for a class due to the quaint setting of 6 people per class. 
  2. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to set-up and settle onto your mat. 
  3. Wear comfortable clothes for easy mobility. Clothes that move and stretch. Wear other colors than black to enable me  to see the alignment and keep your body safe. 
  4. Yoga is practiced barefoot.
  5. Due to people’s sensitivity, please avoid wearing perfume, cologne or scented lotions.  
  6. Bring your mat if you own one, otherwise there are plenty at the studio. 
  7. You may bring water into the studio.  I usually have a jar of lemon water or Fortune Delight available for all.  
  8. Prior to coming to a yoga class eat a light snack if hungry.  A piece of fruit, light salad, or smoothie digest easily. Eat a full meal 2 hours prior to beginning your yoga practice.  
  9. In respect for other people’s property, avoid stepping on other people’s mat.   
  10. Please turn off your cell phone. Enjoy the undisturbed time you set aside for yourself.  
  11. Afterwards hydrate with a squeeze of fresh lemon in water.  This will help the body absorb and hydrate the body. 

Have fun, smile and laugh!