Each of these workshops, resemble having a specific focus whether anatomical, physical, or spiritual.  Although the thread of all these workshops are releasing blockages throughout the body to allow the energy to flow, ultimately result in opening the heart, connecting with your soul and awakening to your fullest potential.   

Would you like me to teach any of these workshops at your studio, office or group gatherings?  Please contact me! 

These workshops are usually between 2-3 hours unless noted. A 4-6 week follow-up series can supersede many of these workshops if requested.    

LOVE the Lower Back 

Are you one of many people with lower back discomfort or tightness?

Do you run, sit, bike, hike or is there just tightness that creates the feeling of lower back pain? 

Lower back pain can be caused by tight muscles around the hip and pelvis that often pull and distort the lower back. In this workshop you will learn how to release these muscles to create freedom and movement in your hips. Feel openness and space in your hips flowing through your lower back and throughout your body, mind and spirit. Leave with a smile on you face! Open to all!


Release the Neck, Upper Back and Shoulders

Do you feel your shoulders rounding forward from gardening, walking, riding a bike, driving, texting and/or sitting at a desk? Do you have a tendency to carry tension between the shoulders, around your throat and/or have tightness in your frontal chest? In this workshop, through various simple stretches and the use of props you will feel freedom and relaxation that will trickle throughout your body. You will leave feeling relaxed and liberated with harmony around your throat and shoulders as you stand taller!  

All are welcome! 

Fabulous FEET, Healthy HANDS

Do you use your feet and hands throughout your day? If you stand, drive, text, type, cook, garden, knit, run, walk, play golf or tennis, the answer is a resounding YES! 

This is the perfect workshop for you. Apply ways to nurture your feet, toes, ankles, hands, fingers and wrists to release tension. You will practice simple, though extremely helpful stretches to relieve tension in your feet, ankles, calves, hands, wrists and forearms. Some benefits may get blood flowing to enable better circulation, increase detoxification, alleviate elbow or ankle pain, improve strength, flexibility and create mobility.

Leave with a beat in your step and a wiggle in your wave!

Happy Hips

Do you sit, run, walk or have lower back discomfort? This workshop will release tension in your hips and lower back through various poses creating more movement throughout your hips. Create freedom! Feel space! Smile! With regular practice, done with proper alignment, this can prevent future injuries and help lower back discomfort.  You will leave with joy and expansion in your hips and on your face! No experience necessary. 

This workshop is NOT for you if you have a hip replacement or a recent hamstring injury.  

NOTE: Please contact me if you have chronic lower back pain.  

Open Your Heart with Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana

Be willing to open your heart and fulfill it will more joy. This workshop will revive and tone the spine, relieve tension in the shoulders and neck, open the hip flexors and expand your chest. Ultimately, feeling love that resides in your heart. It is the essence of the pose, the energetic splendor of it, which makes Eka Pada Rajakapotasana illuminate, whether using a strap or placing the foot on the head. Through a series of meditation, pranayama, asana, and discussion of nutrition and philosophy, we will prepare the body for Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. Leave with the expansion of love and joy in your heart!

Note: At least one year of yoga experience suggested.

Not recommended for pregnant women or students with acute lower back injuries or spasms.  

Move from the Past to the Present through the BEAUTY OF BACKBENDS

Do you hear backbends and cringe?

Learn safe and effective ways to move into backbends to receive maximum benefits. The physical advantages include opening the heart and chest, expanding the diaphragm, increasing breath capacity and mobility of the spine.  The psychology of backbends represents moving from the past to the present. Deepen your practice, let go of the past and enter into this moment. Practice various poses to prepare and warmup the spine, hips and shoulders. This composition will enable you to delve into your fullest version of your backbend and obtain utmost value. 

Leave with an expansive flow of your breathe while joyfully being in this moment. Smile!  

Release Stress, Soothe the Nervous System

Do you have stress in your life?  Stress is held in the nervous system. Stress flows into the muscles and organs of the body when the nervous system is saturated. Since most stress is perceived stress, controlling the mind is crucial to the release of stress.  Learn techniques to calm the mind to help surrender stress.  Explore supportive and gentle poses to invite peacefulness and gentleness throughout your mind, body and spirit.  You will feel calm, refreshed and enlivened after this class. 


Take the First Step Onto the Mat (4-Week Series)

(for Beginners or those who want to return to the mat)

What is yoga? Have you contemplated starting yoga? Uncertain where to go? This is the perfect series and place to begin or re-enter your practice.  

This 4-week series will include and explain the 4 petals of Purna Yoga (Asana-poses and Pranayama-breath, Meditation, Nutrition and Lifestyle, and Applied Philosophy). The physical practice of alignment-based asana (poses) will reenergize, expand and restore your body. The mind will ease through meditation. Learn that care and love for the entire person is essential to receive the essence of yoga.  Leave basking in the calmness, contentment and joyfulness of your being.


Explore, Dream and Discover

Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going?  

Explore through asana (poses) to free the energy flow throughout your physical body. 

Dream through meditation to connect with your spirit. 

Discover by beginning to create your dream board.  

This class will combine the physical practice, a short meditation and time to begin to create your dream board. The action of creating your dream board will help to begin the process of having your dreams and desires become reality.  

What to bring:  A larger picture of only yourself, old magazines for pictures, and words, scissors, markers, crayons if there are particular ones you would like to use.  

Pre-requisite: A being who wants to create their magical life!


Heartfull™ Meditation

Introduction to Heartfull™ Meditation 

Are you curious about meditation? Have you tried to meditate in the past without experiencing   results or changes? Begin to explore your inner world by learning Heartfull Meditation™. Learn techniques to center the energy of the mind, awaken the heart center, and surround the body with light and love. These simple and accessible techniques may be used throughout your day for minutes at a time.  This class, a balance of discussion and practice, is open to all who would like to smile daily. No prior meditation practice necessary.  Leave with a feeling of being more focused, alert, and alive!



Exploration of Asana using the Great Yoga Wall - (Yoga Wall System Required)

This class will be a fun Full Spectrum practice (hip and shoulder openers, standing poses, inversions, twists and backbends) with the use of the Great Yoga Wall to dive deeper into various asanas (poses). The unique wall rope system (co-designed by Aadil Palkhivala) provides support and stability in the poses while creating a safe and deeper opening as you explore each asana.  You will leave feeling grounded, expansive and with a smile on your face.  


Spinal Rejuvenation (Yoga Wall System Required)

This is a fun, beneficial class with the use of the great yoga wall for a majority of the class. The Spinal Rejuvenation Class will restore your spine with space and freedom. Gravity constantly pulls on your spine and compresses the discs from sitting running, standing, and walking. In this class, we will create space and allow for circulation to flow between the vertebrae. Feel fluidity in your breath and spirit.  The class will begin with simple series to warm-up the body then continue to decompress the spine with the use of the great yoga wall. You will continue with your day feeling taller and energized!  

NOTE:  This class is not for you if you have recent lower back pain, high blood pressure, heart condition, epilepsy, recent stroke, glaucoma, recent eye surgery (past 6 months), hiatal hernia, acid reflux or if you have your menstrual period. 



What do you say? What do you see? What do you do?  

Is your guidance clear, concise and direct for the benefit of the student. Are your students doing what you are saying? Do your watch your students as they move through their practice? How do you handle if a student is in a pose not safe or doing something being asked? Practice the three steps to enhance your teaching skills through practical exploration and guidance. This workshop is for all teachers willing to learn and grow, as a teacher and a person.  The students will feel and honor your attentiveness and care. They will feel safe in your class with profound changes in themselves and their practice. 

Adjustments - When, Why, How, Who? 

Learn and review when and why an adjustment may be helpful for a student. Learn the steps to provide a safe and beneficial adjustment to enhance a student's experience in class. How do you choose who to tend to when you may have a large class. Learn, practice, and review adjustments for shoulder openers, standing poses, twists and backbends. These adjustments will assist students to feel the action and alignment safely in the pose while receiving maximum benefits. Witness the beauty of your teaching to the next level and maximum the students benefits and feel the trust build between you.