Jude teaches private yoga sessions that will absolutely transform you in your own body and life.  Jude will tailor the session just for you therefore you receive the maximum benefits! You will feel confident and content to pursue your practice!

Please contact to me to discuss if Private Yoga Sessions are perfect for you!  Click here to download your Private Yoga Intake Form


I became a student of yoga in January 2011.  Jude was my 1st yoga teacher.  I have since become a daily practitioner of yoga and meditation.  I have also had numerous sessions at Jude's private studio.  The equipment is fantastic; the "yoga wall" is almost indescribable as is the care, love and warmth that are all part of Jude's teachings, all of which have enhanced my yoga practice... Thank you, Jude!

—"Namaste" Ernie Santoro


I have been practicing with Jude for several years.  She shares a deep understanding of Purna Yoga and is able to effortlessly convey the asanas, meditation, yogic philosophy, and breath work to her students.   In addition the workshops that she offers are amazing!  I feel truly blessed to have her as my teacher/mentor/friend.

—Namaste, Dina


Jude is always focused on being in the here and now of yoga and honoring each moment in time. It has been wonderful to learn that it is ok to accept where I am in my practice...in my life, and to not feel as though I have to compete with myself. Jude also promotes smiling.....she says it opens the heart!



Parking Information

My address is 240 Columbia Street.

I am located diagonally across from South Kingstown HS on the corner of Church and Columbia Streets.

Please pull in the driveway on Church Street. I will lookout for you.  My unit is the second from the corner.