WHO May Be Interested in Purna Yoga?

You may be wanting one of the many benefits of yoga, such as peacefulness, less stress, relieve lower back pain, restful sleep, increased flexibility amongst many other benefits. Yes, Purna Yoga will provide all of this for you by releasing blockages throughout the body, heal the aches and pain, provide serenity and increase movement  through the safety alignment of each asana (pose) to receive the maximum physical benefits from the yoga practice. You will be restored, rejuvenated and reenergized. 

Ultimately, with continued and dedicated practice, Purna Yoga is for those who seek a way of life and desire to truly love oneself. The desire to feel more alive and live from your heart and soul.  It is for those who are searching to bring healing, awareness, strength, deep love and balance to all aspects of you - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.